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Healthy Start

Florida Department of Health in Columbia County

Every Baby Deserves a Healthy Start Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions Inc

The focus of the Florida Healthy Start Program is prevention, When the needs of pregnant women are met, the results are healthier babies and mothers. Healthier babies and mothers help to reduce infant mortality, low birth weight, and save millions in tax dollars. Healthy Start is not a poor woman's or health department program. Healthy Start is a program for any pregnant woman or child under 3 years old with an eligibility screening score from a healthcare provider or by a self reference.

Program Highlights:

  1. Education/Teaching - Prenatal--growth and development of the fetus, healthy eating habits, breastfeeding education, exercise, signs and symptoms of potential problems, premature labor, true labor, effects of alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs on the developing fetus, and contraceptive methods.

  2. Infant--growth and development information, safety, parenting information, birth control information and referral, immunization and healthcare information, nutritional information, and breastfeeding support.

  3. Home Visits--by social workers and paraprofessionals for teaching, referral and support as needed to assure each family has the resources to be healthy and self-sufficient.

  4. Client Advocacy--Interceding with area agencies on behalf of the client/family to obtain needed services.

  5. Referral Services--referrals to agencies providing GED programs, parenting, childbirth, smoking cessation, food, furniture, clothing, housing, and other services when clients are in need.

  6. Psychosocial Counseling by trained professionals--referral to drug/alcohol social workers

  7. Care Coordination Services--addressing the strengths and needs of the entire family unit.

Contact Information - For more information please call the Healthy Start Program office at (386) 758-1065.